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Emma Ojapuska
Written by Emma Ojapuska

Personalizing Seidat template presentations to match your brand

How to update all Seidat's templates at once to match your brand guidelines.

We offer nine different presentation templates to all new teams who start using Seidat. With this, we want to ensure no one has to begin empty-handed with Seidat. The templates we offer can be found on the dashboard. We understand that you might want to use the structure of these presentations, but tweak the presentations a bit - so that they will match your brand guidelines. In this article, we give you step-by-step instructions on how to update all the template presentations to match your brand at once.

If you don't have enough time or resources to do the personalization, we also offer that as a service for an extra fee. Contact us through our chat to discuss more!

Brand settings

First, navigate to Seidat Brand settings. In the brand settings, you can see the text styles and colour palettes that you can use when creating content in Seidat. In Seidat, you are not able to use any text style that is not in the brand settings when creating new content.

Change the colour palette to match your brand's colours. If you change the colours from the brand settings, nothing will happen to existing presentations, but this will help you to choose the right colours when creating new content.

To make the template presentations' texts match your brand, change the existing fonts to match the font you want to use. Note! When you edit the existing text styles (change the font/size/colour etc.), the changes will be updated to all presentations where that text style has been used immediately. Change the text styles to match your brand guidelines by clicking on the font name and selecting the font you want to use, then selecting the right colour, font weight and line and letter spacing. If you want to preview what the font will look like, scroll down the page.

To get the most out of the ready-made templates; we suggest not changing the font sizes and colours drastically (keep light text styles light coloured and dark text styles dark coloured). Drastic changes will most likely make the existing template slides look messy.

If you don't need as many text styles as there are by default, you can delete the ones you don't need. Once you delete a text style, all text in the presentations that were written in that text style will be transformed to the selected default font (marked with blue "default" text in the brand settings). Read more about brand settings here.

Image bank

Next up, we will move to the Image bank, from where you can change the logos, backgrounds and staff images to match yours. Navigate to the Image bank, from where you can see all the images that are used and can be used in presentations. First, upload your own logos, backgrounds and staff images to the existing image folders. You can upload images from your computer, social media, cloud services etc. Read more about uploading images here.

Once you have the images uploaded to the image bank, you can start replacing the template images with your own images. When you replace an old image with a new one, all the presentations that had the old image will now have the new image. For example: when you replace the template logo "Your logo" with your own logo, all the presentations will now have your logo in the right place. We suggest that you replace the images with "similar" images of your own. For example, if there is a dark template background image - replace it with another dark image of your own. By doing this, we can ensure that the text in the template slides is still easy to read.

Final visual tweaks

Now, all the template presentations have your logos in place, the right staff member faces, background images that match your brand image and suitable text styles. The template presentations still need some final tweaks for them to look visually pleasing. If the colour palette in our template presentations does not match your brand colours, you have to go slide-by-slide and see if any of the shape elements' colour needs to be changed.

Note! If the slide is a smart slide, you only need to edit the slide once, and the edits will be updated in all the presentations where this smart slide is used. Read more about smart slides here.


The text content of the slides still needs to be updated, and this can be done either manually by you - or by us semi-automatically for an extra fee, contact us through our chat to discuss more.