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Joona Taskinen
Written by Joona Taskinen

Smart slides

Smart slides save time and trouble. Make sure to use them efficiently.

Smart slides help you keep multiple presentations with partly the same content up-to-date with less manual work. Two or more slides can be linked, meaning that if you edit the slide, all the other linked slides will change too.

  • If you delete one smart slide of a presentation, the other linked slides will remain.
  • Smart slides can be linked within the presentation, or they can be linked between separate presentations.
  • The placement of the Smart slide in a presentation does not affect the other copies of the Smart Slide
  • Smart slides can be distinguished from other regular slides by the icon on the top right corner of the slide (chain icon).
  • Only "Smart slide editor" or "Brand manager" can edit smart slides or convert a regular slide into a smart slide. All users can utilise smart slides in their presentations.

Best practices with smart slides

Use Smart Slides anywhere possible.

  • Smart slides are most useful when they are utilised in most presentations. Only consider not having a slide as a normal slide if it change to each presentation independently, like customer customised material.

Name the slides as descriptively as possible

  • Use the same name for each language version. This helps you to find the corresponding slide with all different language versions. Sort the pages in alphabetical order to find similar pages or use the search field to find specific pages.
  • Add the language identifier to each page name (ENG, FI, PL, CH, etc.). This allows you to find all the pages in that language by typing the language identifier into the search bar.
  • Have the topic in the name (i.e. training, the name of the product, etc.).

Clean up occasionally

  • There might be multiple slides that are identical or close to being identical. You can easily merge those slides by selecting those and pressing merge at the bottom of the page. 
  • Also, if a slide is not needed anymore as a smart slide, it can be deleted. It does not remove the slide from the presentations it was used in.

Managing all your smart slides

You can find all your team's smart slides by navigating to smart slides tab from the dashboard (picture below). 

  • You can arrange your smart slides from the right corner or search for a specific slide.
  • Create totally new smart slides.
  • Delete any existing smart slide. This will not delete the slide from any presentation it is used in, but it will remove the links between the slides.
  • Merge multiple smart slides replaces other slides with the selected slide. 
  • See how many presentations the slide is being used in.

How to make the normal slides smart?

  • If you want to convert a normal slide to a smart slide click the ellipses on top of the slide when editing the presentation. Clicking "Make smart slide" converts the slide to a smart slide.
  • Note that the slide will appear in the smart slide bank as a new smart slide. If you wish to merge it with an existing slide you have to do it manually.

Add Smart slides to your presentation from Slide Bank

When adding slides with slide bank you can find all team's Smart Slides in a separate folder as well as from any of the presentations they are used in.