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Joona Taskinen
Written by Joona Taskinen

Using the Pipedrive automation

Learn how Seidat users can use the Pipedrive and Seidat integration and automations

In a nutshell

  • There are two ways to use the integration, through automations or manually creating the links from Pipedrive deals.
  • All relevant data is visible on the deal dashboard (image below).
  • The presentation link. The user can open the presentation and present it in any of Seidat's link modes with that link (as long as they are logged-in users in Seidat). A deal can only have one active link at a time that is tracked and it is always the latest created, either manually or automatically. Links created manually in Seidat are not tracked.
  • How many times the link has been opened by persons outside the Seidat team. Activities can be created for the deal owner once the presentation has been opened.
  • What is the presentation's eSign status? Activities can be created for the deal owner once the presentation eSign status becomes "Signed". eSignature process is started from Seidat and not through the integration. If there are multiple eSignature processes for the presentation linked, only the latest eSign process is shown.
  • The link's meeting notes are automatically synced to the dashboard. Note that each presentation can have multiple links and each link can have its own meeting notes, as well as the Play mode, has its own.

Triggering the automation

There are two automated ways the automation can trigger. Read how to create automations here. You can see your active automations here.

  1. Once the deal is moved to a certain stage.
  2. The deal filter is met, for example, the deal is marked as "Won".

The automation can copy a presentation, find and replace text and create a link for the presentation. The link created is added to the Pipedrive deal.

Manually copying a presentation and creating a link

Pipedrive users can copy a presentation manually from the deal dashboard and create a link for it or create a link to an existing presentation. The link will be attached (and will replace the existing link if there already is one) to the deal and tracked.

Click "Create link or presentation"

Choose whether to create a link to an existing presentation or copy a presentation and create a link to that. You can filter presentations with tags. Toggle optional Pipedrive activities you want the deal owner to receive from user actions.

When should you create a new link to existing presentations?

  • If there is no need to update an existing presentation, you only need a link to be shared and tracked. These presentations are so-called general presentations, like general intros, training materials, or others.
  • When you want to update the link to the deal that already has one, you need to track another presentation.

When should you copy an existing presentation and create a new link to that?

  • If you want to update a presentation, like a proposal template, but there is no automation to do that. Once the presentation has been copied, you can update it without the updates affecting other presentations.

What will happen next?

If a presentation is copied, it will appear instantly in the Seidat presentation dashboard. You can manually edit, present, and share the presentation from the Seidat application, like any other Seidat presentation.

Slides with mapped text placeholders are found and text is replaced by the integration. Read more about replacing text here. Only normal slides can be automatically updated. Updating smart slides is not supported. Replacing text is not supported in the manual use (copying a presentation from Pipedrive manually) of the integration.

A new link is created, added as a note to the Pipedrive dashboard, and changed to the widget. A link note is also added (see image below).

Presenting and sharing

The presentation can be shared and presented through the link created by the automation or Pipedrive user.

  1. Click and open the link from the left widget.
  2. Change the mode to Live: team or Live: all to allow the presenter or anyone to control the presentation, respectively.
  3. If the Pipedrive user is not a logged-in user in Seidat, they can only browse the presentation in "Browse" mode.
  4. Open the presenter window by pressing P or O on your keyboard or through the minimap menu by clicking the bottom-right menu and "Overview" or "Presenter window"
  5. Type in the notes. The notes also include a log of what slides have been shown for more precise note-taking.
  6. The notes are instantly synced to Pipedrive and can be seen by anyone in the deal dashboard.