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Emma Ojapuska
Written by Emma Ojapuska

eSign overview

General information about the eSign feature.

Currently, eSign is a feature available upon request and comes at an additional cost. Please contact our support to enable it for your team. The easiest way to get in touch is through the online chat found in the bottom-right corner.

Electronic signatures made with Seidat are eIDAS compliant.

Feature overview

Requesting signatures

You can collect signatures from other people. The only thing you need to know is their email address. The Requesting e-signatures article explains how to do it.

Viewer-initiated signatures

Signatures can also be initiated by anyone viewing a presentation that's configured for signature collection. This is explained in the Enabling viewer-initiated e-signatures and Initiating a signature process as a viewer article.

Signing presentations

Once a signature is requested by a team member or initiated by a viewer, all signers receive an email with a link to the page that contains a presentation PDF and transaction details. This page is where they sign the document by filling in all required fields. Read more about this in the Signing a presentation article.

How it works

When a signature request is initiated, the following happens:

  1. The presentation is exported to PDF and securely stored on our servers. This PDF file is what will actually be signed. Any future edits to the presentation will not affect the content of the PDF. A signature request remains unaffected even if the source presentation is deleted.
  2. Once the PDF is ready, each participant will receive a link by email. This link can be used to review the PDF, view the transaction details, sign the presentation or cancel the request. There's no signing order—all recipients receive the request in parallel.
  3. The participants sign the presentation. After it is signed by the last participant, a signed version is generated. The signed PDF is the result of appending one or more pages containing the transaction details to the original presentation PDF.
  4. After the final PDF is generated, a link to it is sent to the signers.

Finding your signatures

You can always access the details of a signature by following a link in the email sent as part of the signature collection process. Another way is to click Transaction ID on the summary page of a signed PDF document.

Team signatures

All team signatures can be found under the "Team signature" page. Click eSign at the top of your team's dashboard to get to the page. You need to have team viewing rights to access the page (viewer role and above).

Presentation signatures

To view signatures for a specific presentation, open the presentation and click eSign settings in the sidebar on the right.

User signatures

If you signed or were requested to sign presentations as a registered user, those signatures can be found under the "My signatures" page. Click Account menu > My signatures at the top-right corner to get there.