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Emma Ojapuska
Written by Emma Ojapuska

The most loved features and best benefits of Seidat

We have gathered the most loved features of Seidat for you to get ideas on how to utilize Seidat's features better.

Better closing rate with link-opening notifications

  • When our users share their materials with a Seidat link (instead of a PDF or similar), they also catch their slipping deals as they are always informed when their prospects and customers open their materials. Materials shared with a link can also include videos, websites, booking calendars, calculators, and other interactive content.

  • Instructions on the video below

20 minutes saved per customer meeting

  • Thanks to Seidat's unique presenter view and matrix structure, our users no longer spend time preparing presentations for each meeting. When they use the presenter view, they can jump from one slide to another in no particular order and answer any—even surprising—questions in a matter of seconds.

  • Example situations are in the video below; instructions are here.

50% time savings in sales material creation

  • Seidat users save on average 50% of the time every time they create sales material due to Seidat’s smart features, like smart slides, shared slide bank, media bank, and company-wide presentation dashboard. Compile from existing materials in seconds that are always up-to-date with smart slides, image merge, etc.

  • Instructions on the video are below.

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