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Mimi Brandt
Written by Mimi Brandt

Exporting a presentation as PDF and printing

Sometimes, sharing a presentation with a link might not be exactly what you need. Need a hard copy? A customer only accepts PDFs?

Note: Only the presenter can download the presentation as a PDF. The person receiving a presentation through a link cannot download the presentation as a PDF.

You can export any Seidat presentation as a PDF file with just a click of a button. Then print, email, archive or even convert to a PowerPoint presentation.

Slides are exported as pages with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The slide order starts from the top-left corner of the matrix. Slides in the first column, starting from top to bottom, are placed at the beginning, followed by slides in the next column and so on (check picture below).

Embedded content (videos, websites...) and internal links will not work.

If you'd like to export it for offline use and keep all functionality, check how to export a presentation for offline use.

If it is not mandatory to send a pdf to the recipient, we advise sending a Seidat Link instead. With Seidat Link, the recipient does not need to download anything, and the sender can see if the presentation has been opened.

How to export

  1. Navigate to the sharing page of the presentation you'd like to export. You can do so by clicking Share presentation in the presentation preview. Or clicking Share presentation in the side bar if you have the presentation open.
  2. Switch to the Export / PDF tab.
  3. Navigate to the lower part of the page where it says "Presentation as PDF"
  4. Select the quality for the pdf
  5. Click EXPORT AS PDF at the bottom.
  6. Once exported, a link to the PDF file will be sent to you by email. The link is accessible for 14 days.

View and print

You need a PDF viewer to view and print PDF files. If you don't have it yet, get one for free here:

Quality options

If you wish to have a smaller PDF file to be exported, select a lower Jpeg quality.