Advice and answers from the Seidat Team

Emma Ojapuska
Written by Emma Ojapuska

Background colour

Add solid background colour to the slide.

The background colour can be used to fill the whole frame regardless of the size and aspect ratio of the screen. Background colour, unlike shapes and other elements, is below all other layers and cannot be selected.

If you add both background colour and background image, the background colour will be "behind" the image. This means it is only visible if some part of the background image is opaque.

Changing the background colour

  • Select the background colour tool from the left toolbar (background colour is under the Slide-title.
  • Choose a colour. You can either choose colours that have been set up for the team in brand settings or you can customise a colour to your need with the colour palette or setting the value.
  • You can set a default background colour from the brand settings. This colour will fill every new page created after.
  • You may have different backgrounds in your presentation -> to add different background colours, you have to do it slide by slide or by copying slides.