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Joona Taskinen
Written by Joona Taskinen

Transferring material from team to another

Need to get your material to a new Seidat team? Check few options to do so.

Direct transfer is not possible

  • It is not possible to transfer any presentations from one team to another. It is possible to convert your personal account to a team though (read how and why below)

Transferring material is limited due to a couple of reasons:

  • Technical limitations as each team has their image bank and brand settings.
  • Improved security for the content owner. For example, transferring material would allow a user to transfer all material to another team (I.E. competitors team or their personal team) effectively stealing the content.

Converting personal account to a team with all the presentations, images, etc.

  • Personal account in Seidat is free and is meant only for private use. You can convert your personal account to a team at any point. This is done by going to the personal team and pressing "Users" or "Team settings" at top bar or pressing "Import PowerPoint" in dashboard. A selection screen (picture 1.) will open open where you can select the plan. Choosing team will convert the account to a team and free trial will begin.
  • All material will stay in the team and you do not have to create it again.
  • It is also possible to downgrade from a team to a personal account.

Workaround to transfer presentation from one team to another

Solution 1

Presentations can be created to another team manually. 

  • Download the pictures from the original team, upload them to the new team.
  • Edit brand settings to match the original team's.
  • Create a presentation and create the required pages.
  • Copy paste text and add images and other elements.

Solution 2

Semi-manual way (PDF->PPT->Import PowerPoint)

  • Download the presentation as PDF from sharing tab.
  • Use Adobe Acrobat Reader, or similar service to convert the PDF to .ppt-file.
  • Once you have to PowerPoint-file you can upload it to a team (not personal account).
  • The presentation is close, but not identical to the original. The pictures might have lost some quality in the converting steps. The fonts might be slightly off, but can be easily adjusted. Other elements might have moved or changed a bit and might be required to be downloaded from the original team and uploaded to the new team.