Advice and answers from the Seidat Team

Emma Ojapuska
Written by Emma Ojapuska

Text tool

Add text and let your creativity flourish.

Adding text

  • Click the Text-button (A) to create a new text box.
  • You can start typing text.
  • De-select the text element by clicking around the box.
  • You can now move by dragging the element (hold the mouse's left button clicked and drag).
  • Stretch the box to the desired shape from the corners or sides (white dots).
  • Re-enter to edit the text by double-clicking the box.

Text formatting

  • While the text element is active you can see the text toolbar at the top of the editor (see picture below).

  • Lock element: the element cannot be accessed from the editor, the lock can be removed from the properties tab on the right top corner of the editor
  • Copy: copies the chosen item
  • Paste: pastes the copied item
  • Remove: deletes the chosen item
  • Bring forward: brings the chosen element forward
  • Send backward: send the chosen element backward
  • Shape color (not available in the text editor). Please read how you can change the colour of the fonts in brand settings
  • Text styles: you can select text styles that have been created in brand settings
  • Bold: example text
  • Italic: example text
  • Underline
  • Numbered list: creates ordered lists (1., 2., 3., etc.)
  • Bulleted list: creates unordered lists
  • Clear formatting: resets the formatting of the text
  • Alignment: Align the text; choose justify, left, center of right align
  • Undo: undoes your last move
  • Redo: redoes your last move


  • You can do text formatting to the whole text box or only to a part of the text in the box.
  • You can select multiple text elements at the same time by keeping the SHIFT button pressed and clicking the desired textboxes or by dragging the mouse over the text boxes. Note the text toolbar will not appear if you select anything other than text elements.
  • If you wish to add strikethrough text (text with a horizontal line through it) you can copy+paste it from somewhere else and the strikethrough will remain. You cannot add the strikethrough from Seidat app.
  • All the text styles have to be created first in brand settings. You cannot change the font, color, and font in the slide editor. This helps to keep the look of the presentations consistent with the company's brand guidelines.
  • The text element adds a new line when the text cannot fit the current line. You can reshape the text to fit other content after.
  • The text editor doesn't hyphenate automatically, but you can force hyphenate by adding a hyphen (-) at the correct spot.