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Joona Taskinen
Written by Joona Taskinen

Slide Bank

Adding pages from one presentation to another with Slide bank.

Slide bank simplifies your workflow by allowing you to copy slides from previously made presentations.

  • To add slides from the slide bank, click "Add from slide bank" button on top of empty space (see picture 1.)
  • The slide bank will appear on the right side of the screen.
  • You can start by selecting the presentation you want to add the slides from.
  • You can also search for the correct presentation by its name.
  • Click the slides you want to copy
  • The slide copies will appear Smart Slides or normal slides, as they are in the source presentation.
  • To go back to slide bank's presentation view, press the house icon on the slide bank tool.
  • Note that the blue outline on the slide map tells you where you are pasting the slide currently. You can switch this by clicking the empty spot's "Add from slide bank" button.

Slide bank appears on the right when you open it by clicking "add from slidebank".

Note that you will not see presentations that are hidden from you in the list of presentations. So if somebody has hidden presentation from you, you can't add slides from that presentation.

Picture 1.

Pick a normal slide for a normal slide copy.

Pick a Smart Slide to use smart content as part of your presentation.