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Emma Ojapuska
Written by Emma Ojapuska

Share and present materials with a QR code

Make it easy for your audience to open your materials by adding a QR code on the slide.

With the help of a QR code, your audience can easily open your presentations with their mobile phones. This can also be useful during big events or trade fairs where everyone can't see the main screen.

How to get the QR code to your slide

First, you need to create a Seidat link to the presentation you want to share. Go to the sharing page and click "create new link".

Then, copy the link you just created. Go to a QR code generator of your choice (for example;, and create a QR code from that link. Save the QR code as a picture to your computer and add it to your Seidat image bank. Then you can add the QR code to any slide as a picture.