Advice and answers from the Seidat Team

Emma Ojapuska
Written by Emma Ojapuska

Seidat parameters for hiding logo, navigator, autoplay, etc.

Tweak how the presentation behaves when the link is opened.

You can add these Seidat parameters to any Share Link or Live Link. These parameters are a way to hide and disable functions while playing the presentation. You can add the Seidat parameters to the URL as described below.

You may add the query parameters to the URL from the "Sharing options" button on the right side of a shared link (image below). If you are embedding a presentation to your website, these query parameters are a nice way to remove all distractions from the presentation.


You may hide:

  • Seidat logo from the top left corner (if the logo is disabled, but the top toolbar (navbar) is not disabled, the logo will be displayed if the mouse is moved to top left corner).
  • Top toolbar (can typically be hidden by pressing the Seidat logo). This prevents the use of the top toolbar.
  • The navigation menu (does not show automatically, can be opened by pressing the navigation map from the bottom right).
  • The navigation map (also disables the navigation menu, which can be accessed by pressing navigation map)
  • Popups (used for example in info screens, where tracking is not needed)

You may add:

  • Autoplay to turn on automatically when the link is opened.

Change how the presentation is navigated:

  • You can prevent any navigation on the presentation (internal and external links still work and the presentation can be built in a way that no navigation is needed).
  • Change the navigator arrows to be on automatically (normally can be turned on from the navigator menu by pressing the navigator map from the bottom right corner). Turning the arrows on will disable the navigator map.
  • Change the navigation to sequential navigation, this way it is only possible to navigate up and down (not horizontally from left to right).

Important notes

  • These parameters only work on shared presentations (Share Link or Live Link). You cannot use them on normal play mode.