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Emma Ojapuska
Written by Emma Ojapuska

Rotating and skewing elements

Rotate and skew elements to make your presentations more personal.

You can rotate and skew elements in Seidat.


  • Rotate elements from the dots on the outer corners. An arrow will appear, press and drag to the desired rotation.
  • You can also rotate from the properties tab, located on the top right corner of the screen. Input the desired rotation angle (0-359,9 degrees) and the selected elements will rotate.
  • You can rotate multiple elements at once by multi-selecting the desired elements.
  • To reset the rotation, press the reset button from the properties tab.

Text element rotated to 90-degree angle.


  • You can skew elements from the properties tab. As a default, the value is 0 and can be set to max of 85 degrees.
  • The skew angle can be reset by pressing the reset button next to the value field.
  • The bigger the skew value is, the wider the element becomes, and might not fit the page.

Text element rotated to 90-degree angle and skewed 20 degrees.