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Emma Ojapuska
Written by Emma Ojapuska

Presentations from Seidat to PowerPoint

Sometimes there might be a need to get your presentations to PowerPoint. With this work-around you can do it quite easily.

Direct transfer is not possible

  • Direct download from Seidat to PowerPoint is not possible, however, there is a workaround how you can transfer presentation from Seidat to PowerPoint

Workaround to transfer presentation from Seidat to PowerPoint

(PDF->PPT->Import PowerPoint)

  • Download the presentation as a PDF from sharing tab.
  • Use or a similar service to convert the PDF to PowerPoint file. Choose PDF to PPT in
  • Once you have to PowerPoint-file you can edit the PowerPoint normally.


  • If the font you were using in Seidat presentation is not found in PowerPoint, the fonts will change to the default. The change in fonts may cause some line-breaks to fail, and the fit of the text might need some re-adjustment.
  • How objects work in Seidat and PowerPoint is a bit different, this can cause some objects to display differently or even disappear. You should go through the PowerPoint presentation trough before presenting.
  • If you open the PPTx-file with any other application than PowerPoint, the result of the conversion can be different.
  • Seidat presentations are in 16:9 aspect ratio and the PDF will be also in this aspect ratio. Make sure you choose your PowerPoint to be the same aspect ratio for the best result.