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Emma Ojapuska
Written by Emma Ojapuska

Presentation sharing

Share your presentation easily with Seidat link share or Direct share.

Seidat's share functions allow you to share your presentation in numerous ways to fit your presentation situation best.

  • Link share for effortless sharing. With different link modes, you can choose who can navigate through the presentation.

  • Direct Share for secure sharing. The recipient can scroll the presentation at their convenience after logging in.

Link Share

  • Link share allows you to share presentations with anyone with a link. The viewer doesn't have to log in or download files or plugins to view the content.

  • Mobile users can zoom in on the presentations on their devices.

  • The number of links created is unlimited. It is advised to create new links with each recipient to delete the shared presentation from a certain viewer and to see if the recipient has opened the link.

  • Users can subscribe to email notifications and be notified each time their links are opened.

  • The link can be deleted at any time, removing the access of the recipients of the links to the presentation.

How to create a link share, and what are the link modes

How to create a Link share?

  1. Select the presentation you want to share.

  2. Navigate to the presentation share view by pressing the share icon from the dashboard or from the left tab (see image below).

  3. Click "Create new link."

  4. You can add additional info to the box on the right. It is advised to write the recipient's name here.

  5. You can now share the link by copy-pasting it to an email, text, chat message, etc.

Link modes

There are three different link modes: Browse, Live: team, and Live: anyone.

Link mode: Browse

Links in the Browse mode can be freely navigated by anyone using the link. Use this mode, for example, when you want to share material with your clients after a meeting or if you are sharing an offer.

Link mode: Live: team

All link viewers will see the same page. Only team members with presentation-sharing rights can control the presentation. Use this mode in meetings, especially if screen sharing is not possible.

Link mode: Live: anyone

Allow any viewer to control a presentation for all viewers. Live: anyone is perfect for situations where any participant needs to have control over a presentation. Live: anyone is not available with the personal (free) plan of Seidat.

Here is a more detailed article about how to work in live mode when presenting.

Direct Share

Direct Share allows you to share presentations directly with specified recipients. You can send your presentation directly to another Seidat user in a secure way. If the recipient is not a user already, they must create an account (provide name and password).

  • It's a super easy way to send presentations. All you need to provide is the recipient's email address, and optionally, you can write a message that is added to the email. Seidat's platform will take care of the rest.

  • After logging in, only the recipient can open the presentation. The recipient will receive an email with all the required information and your optional message. They will see who shared the presentation, its name, and the team it was sent from.

  • You can track if the presentation has been opened or not directly from the Seidat app.

  • You can always delete the share preventing the recipient's further access.

  • By logging in, the recipient can see all presentations shared with them, regardless of which team shared them.