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Joona Taskinen
Written by Joona Taskinen

Seidat and Pipedrive integration notes & troubleshooting

Notes, unsupported features, and known issues with Seidat and Pipedrive integration



  • Each automation is triggered only once per deal. For example, if the automation is configured to run when a deal is moved to the stage "Qualified", it will run once when a deal is moved to this stage. If the same deal is moved to a different stage and then back to "Qualified", the automation won't run again.
  • Multiple separate automations can trigger at the same time if the automation triggers' conditions are met.

Deal filters

  • Built-in Pipedrive deal filters do not work in automations unless they are saved at least once before using them. No editing is required. Built-in filters include Deal marked as "Won" or "Lost".
  • The built-in filter "Deal deleted" does not work in automations.
  • No personal filters can be used in the automations, only public filters can be utilized. Personal filters are not visible in the automation creator.

Installing multiple integrations and integration visibility

Only the user who installed the Seidat integration to Pipedrive can see it installed in Marketplace apps. It is technically possible to install multiple Pipedrive integrations by separate users. Installing requires access both to Seidat's admin features and Pipedrive settings. One user cannot install Seidat integration twice.

If automation is created in a different integration, other users might not see it in their automation builder.

Unsupported features

  • Replacing text on smart slides is not supported. If there are texts on smart slides, they will be ignored by the automation once it runs.

Known issues

  • When installing the integration, you might see a "Warning: missing webhook in Pipedrive" text. It will disappear once you have installed the API key.

  • Try refreshing the tab if you cannot find any presentations or tags from the dropdown when creating automation. If the problem persists, contact us through chat.
  • If the integration is removed from the Pipedrive the integration page will get stuck. You can install the integration again, but all automations will be removed.