Advice and answers from the Seidat Team

Emma Ojapuska
Written by Emma Ojapuska

Personal account versus team & creating a new team

Update, downgrade your existing team or create a new team.

Upgrading your personal account to a team

  • A personal account in Seidat is free and is meant only for private use. You can convert your personal account to a team with full features at any point. Upgrade your personal account in "Team settings" by clicking "Subscribe now"
  • If you have used your free trial earlier you will not be granted another trial. Your subscription will start immediately 

Downgrading your team to a personal account

  • You can also downgrade from paid team to personal account. 
  • Make sure you are the only user on the team
  • Go to "Team settings" and change the subscription to "Personal" under "Billing"
  • You will lose all features that come with the paid plan.
  • Your team will keep the credit you might have had from the old plan. These credits will be used for upcoming payments.

Creating a team from the beginning

  • If you wish to collaborate with your team and have all features available, you can create a team from the beginning.
  • Note that you cannot transfer presentations directly from one team to another. 

How to create a new team?

  • Press the person icon from the top right corner of the app and press "My teams" 
  • Press the "Create new team" -button
  • Name your team. This can be changed later under "Team settings"
  • The team will be created and you can start adding your teammates to the team. A free trial will begin.