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Emma Ojapuska
Written by Emma Ojapuska

How to organise your presentations on dashboard

How to use tags & and add tags to a presentation

In Seidat, we use tags to organize presentations on the dashboard. Tags will let you filter all presentations according to your needs.

How to use tags

  • Click the tag icon on the dashboard to find your Seidat team's tags
  • Pin your most used tags to be always visible on the dashboard. Click the tag icon and press the pin icon for all the tags you want to pin.
  • Activate and deactivate any pinned tag by pressing the tag button
  • Activate any unpinned tag by opening the list and clicking from the tag.
  • You can toggle multiple tags at the same time and narrow the search.

How to add and edit the team's tags

  • Tags can be added and edited only by Brand management user access level users
  • Click "Edit tags" from the tag menu
  • Type in the new tag and press "Add tag"
  • The added tags are added to every user's tag list.
  • Tags can be removed by pressing the trashcan icon. All the corresponding tags will be deleted from the presentations also.
  • You can also set default tags that are pinned on all new users' dashboards, and selected tags that are selected for all users who log in and out; read more about default tags and selected tags here.

Adding tags to a presentation

  • After the team tags have been created, you can start adding them to the individual presentations.
  • To add tags, click the gear icon on the left toolbar while in either play or edit mode in the presentation.
  • Under "General settings" you can start adding all the available tags.
  • To remove the tags from the presentation press the X next to the tag.
  • One presentation can include multiple tags (I.E. sales, English, product C)


  • If you copy a presentation, the tags will copy too. Make sure you keep the tags up-to-date after copying presentations.
  • The earlier you start to use tags on your team, the better.