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Emma Ojapuska
Written by Emma Ojapuska

Exporting texts as data.js from Seidat

How to get the data.js file out of your Seidat presentation for your translation agency? Language version creation made easy.

To get the texts exported from Seidat for your translation agency, you must first download the presentation for offline-use and then get the data.js file from the zip-file structure. See below for detailed instructions. 


  1. Duplicate the presentation that you want to export.
  2. Name it appropriately, so it’s easy to find later. E.g. prefix it with the language code.
  3. Convert all smart slides to normal slides, if any.
  4. It’s best that you also prefix slide titles with the language code.
  5. Restrict the presentation editing so that no one would accidentally go and mess with it.
  6. Export the presentation.


1. First, choose the presentation from your Seidat dashboard. Then go to sharing-options (step 1. in the image below), then choose "Export/Pdf" (step 2. in the image.) and then click "Download presentation" (step 3. in the image).

2. The presentation will download as a zip-file to your computer. Choose "Show in Finder".

3. Unzip the zip-file by double-clicking or by choosing "unzip".

4. Open the file structure and choose "assets".

5. In the assets-file, you will find the data.js-file, which you can send to your translation agency for translation.

6. Once you get back the data.js file translated, you can contact us through our support chat or our website to import the file back to your Seidat team to automate creating the new language version of your presentation. We deliver this service within 1-3 business days for a small service fee. This way you get the new language version to your use faster without the need for time consuming copy-pasting.