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Emma Ojapuska
Written by Emma Ojapuska

Adding video & video tool

Enrich your presentations with embedded videos.

Videos are a great way to add good, informative, and interesting content to your presentation. You can add videos from multiple sources that allow embedding. YouTube and Vimeo both work great with Seidat.

  • Start by clicking the video icon on the left toolbar. It is located above the "Slide" header (highlighted blue in the picture below)
  • A toolbar opens on the top of the screen. Go to your video streaming service (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and get the shareable link for your video.
  • Paste it to the address bar field on the top toolbar in Seidat.
  • You can resize the video to fit the rest of the page.
  • After saving the page the videos can be played by pressing the play button from the frame.

  • You can disable video recommendations from other YouTube channels by typing ?rel=0 to the address.
  • Note that if you share a presentation by using Seidat Link or Seidat Live, the recipient of the presentation has to press play at their end.

Video on autoplay or looping and more with YouTube-videos (most of these work on Vimeo-videos also)

  • You can add query parameters to the YouTube links that enable autoplay, hiding the buttons and logo of YouTube, etc.
  • The link has to be added to the regular iframe (where you normally add websites) in Seidat. The parameters will not work otherwise. Add the regular iframe from the button above where you would add the video.
  • The video has to be added as an embed link, that can be generated from YouTube's page. Go to the video you want to use, press Share from below the video and press embed from the opened window. Copy the link. Note that the piece of iframe code is not needed and you only need the link (for example
  • Add a ? at the end of the link and write all the parameters after that separated by & (for example
  • You can add as many parameters as you wish to the link. You can find all available parameters here.
  • Most of the parameters are the same in Vimeo player also.

Most common parameters with examples. 

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