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Emma Ojapuska
Written by Emma Ojapuska

Adding tags to team and setting team tag defaults

Tags help you find presentation you need and keep the dashboard tidy. Add tags to your team as soon as possible.

Adding tags to the team

Tags can be added to a team only by users with Brand management user access level.

  1. Click open the tag menu by pressing the tag icon from the front page of your Seidat team (Picture 1.)
  2. Scroll down the list of tags and press "Edit tags" (Picture 2.)
  3. From the popup that opened, you can add new and edit or delete existing tags. To add a new tag, type in the new tag and press "Add tag" (Picture 3.) The added tags are added to every user's tag list. Tags can be removed by pressing the trashcan icon. All the corresponding tags will be deleted from the presentations also.

From this view you are also able to select team tag defaults. Team tag defaults will be added to all new users. Selected tags will also be added to old users on new devices.

  1. To start adding team tag defaults, press the tag icon from the popup (Picture 4.)
  2. Select the desired default pinned tags by pressing the pin button next to the tag in the list. These will be the team default tags, and those will be pinned to all new users' Seidat front page. (Picture 5.)
  3. You can then select the default selected tags by pressing the name of a pinned tag (the tag will turn blue). The selected tags will be selected for new users, and also old users the next time they log out and in to Seidat, or use Seidat with a new device. (Picture 6.)

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