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Nik Paro
Written by Nik Paro

Updates to our Terms of Service

We have updated our Terms of Service to more accurately reflect our services.

The new Terms of Service will be effective as of 17th April 2021. In short the following changes were made:

  • Termination period changed from 60 to 14 days for invoicing customers and from 60 to 0 days for card paying customers.
  • Added a clarification about subscription downgrades. Downgrades done after the billing period has already been changed, will take effect, but will not result in the charge or invoice to be cancelled.
  • Reduced the new team trial length to 14 days (was 30 days).
  • Removed support for HTTP (unsecured) sharing and viewing.
  • Other minor changes: Wording changed to include all recent Seidat features, gender pronouns changed to gender neutral pronouns, grammatical errors fixed, clarified terminology, etc.

Click here for the latest version of our Terms.