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Content transfer from PowerPoint

You can import PPT-content as images and texts from existing PowerPoint presentations to Seidat. 

  1. Open presentation in Powerpoint

  2. From File-tab take “Save as" and save a presentation as a PowerPoint Presentation(.pptx)

  3. Change the extension of your presentation from .pptx to .zip
    • How to change an extension of a file on a Windows computer: Right-click on the file name and choose "Rename".  In case you can't see an extension, follow these instructions.
    • How to change an extension of a file on a Mac computer: Right-click on a file and choose "Get info". Change the extension in the "Name & Extension" field.

  4. Go to Seidat

  5. Open presentation or create presentation, where you want to import slides.

  6. Create slide where you want to import

  7. In edit mode, add pictures from the "Media" folder.

    Note! Charts and images created in PPT should be copy-pasted via Illustrator and converted to svg-images
    Note! Images which has been croped or other way edited in PPT, should be edited in Photoshop or similar photoeditor.

  8. Insert other images and copy-paste texts

There is another option which would probably be easier for you. We offer presentation import from other tools to Seidat. If you have a presentation which you want to be important, our designers can do it for you. Simply send us an email at: 

The price is 25€ per slide. 


Tutorial updated: 08.07.2017 - 14:46

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