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In case you need to export your presentation as a PDF file, you can do it by using the "print" feature:

  1. Select a presentation from you want to print from the dashboard

  2. Choose Share

  3. Choose Print

  4. Choose Open printable presentation. The presentation will open in the new window as a printable HTML format presentation

    •  Slides will be organized as follows: starting from the upper left corner, stack by stack from left to right and every stack from up to down.

  5. Choose Print from browsers menu

  6. From print options, activate Background graphics

  7. Then normal print procedures.


PDF Printing 

  1. Continues from step 7

  2. Select destination Save as PDF

  3. Choose paper size Legal (mainly best possible)

    • Margins are adjustable

  4. Choose Save

  5. Name the file


You can later convert your PDF file into a PowerPoint presentation through this tool:



Tutorial updated: 27.03.2017 - 19:15

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