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Seidat terminology in alphabetical order


Content Area

In Seidat, there is content area, which size is 1280 x 900 pixels. All content (text and images) which are inside the area are allways visible. You can put content outside the content area also. This is good way to but for example images so, that they are always bordered to the screen corner.

Edit Mode

Mode to edit presentations


You can export presentations to save them locally and present them offline.

External Link

Link, which target is outside the presentation.

Full screen

Presentations can be presented and edited in Full screen mode. 

Image Bank

Place where are all the images of your team. You can load images to image bank and then all the team member can use them in the presentations of the team.

Internal Link

Internal link between slides.

Map Navigator 

Slide navigator in the bottom right corner in play mode

Navigation menu

When you click navigator, you can open Navigation menu. in Navigation menu, you have buttons for full screen, overview, navigator options (hide, switch to Arrow navigator), close manu button.


Coming soon…


Presentations can be exported to be run without internet connection. Usable in places, where you don't have access to internet.


Presentations are normally run in online mode. This makes it possible, that you have allways uptodate presentations. 

Play mode

Could be called as Presentation mode. Mode which you use when presenting presentations.


Presentations consist of several slides which are in matrix.

Seidat Share

To share presentation

Seidat Live

To share presentation online realtime


One page, basic unit of the presentation

Slide Bank

Place where you can find and paste slides from the presentations of your team.


Shows all the slides as thumbnail (overview)

Smart Slide

Identical content in several slides

Slide Selector

View where you can select the target of the link.


Every team has Theme. In Theme you can manage team colors, default background color and create typeface set for the team.

Brand Editor

Brand Editor allows you to edit themes. You should have the rights to do so. 










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