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Quick Start

Signing In

  • Or click Sign up for Seidat if you are a new user



  • The Dashboard will open after signing in.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 13.30.26


Top Menu

Top menu toggle: Hides/unhides the top menu

Dashboard: Sends you to the dashboard

Teams (Dropdown): Team selection

Support: Opens the support site in a new tab

Logout: Logs you out

Main Menu

Presentations: View, edit and manage presentations

Images: Upload, organize and delete uploaded images

Users: Add users to your team and edit permissions

Brand: Create text styles for consistancy throughout your presentations

Team Settings: Edit your teams contact information and create team tags

Team Info:

My Account: Manage your account information, change your password, create and leave teams

Creating Presentations

  • Press the New Presentation button and name your presentation.


Presentation options:

Play: View the presentation

Rename (Text field): Rename the presentation

Slidemap: View presentation slidemap. Press to edit presentation.

Delete: Delete presentation. Seidat will ask if you are sure you want to delete the presentation.
Warning: Deleting presentations is permanent. 

Duplicate: Make a copy of the presentation

Smart Duplicate: Make a Smart Duplicate of the presentation

Editing Presentations

  • From the Dashboard, press the Slidemap button to start editing the presentation


Presentation panel options (left):

Play: View the presentation

Edit: Enter editing mode

Slidemap: View and organize the slides

Settings: Change the name of the presentation, delete the presentation, edit tags

Share: Create a Seidat Link or Seidat Live Link to the presentation. Print or export an offline presentation.

Slide options:

Edit: Edit the slide

Delete: Delete the slide

Duplicate: Duplicate the slide

Move: Move the slide

Play: View the presentation (starting with the selected slide)

Rename (Text field): Rename the slide

Slide structure:

Slide organization in Seidat is easy.

  • To add new slides: press the plus icons

  • To move slides: press and drag the move icon on top of each slide

  • To move entire slide stacks: press and drag the move icon on top of each slide stack

Play Mode

  • Using a keyboard, use the arrow keys to navigate presentations up – down – left – right

  • Using a touch device swipe to navigate presentations up – down – left – right


Navigation center
  • The Navigation Center gives you extra options for viewing presentations

  • While in play mode, click the small icon located at the bottom right corner or the presentation to open the Navigation Center

  • If you only have one slide in your presentation, the icon looks like a small black cube. As you add slides, they will become visible, creating a small Slidemap reference


Navigation Center options from top to bottom:

Toggle full screen: View your presentation in full screen mode

Toggle overview: Go to the presentation overview

Toggle navigator arrows: Change the navigation slidemap to navigation arrows and vice versa

Show only on hover: Hides the Navigation Center. Move your curser to the bottom right corner to make it appear


Full Screen
  • Press F to enter full screen mode

  • Press F/ESC to exit full screen mode


Editing Slides

  • Click edit to make changes to the slides

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 11.18.56


Text: Add text

Image: Add images

Shape: Add shapes

Website: Add iFrames

Video: Add videos (Youtube, Vimeo)


Color: Change background color

Image: Add/change background image


Theme editor: Choose default colors, background color, fonts, font sizes and font styles

Tutorial updated: 07.12.2016 - 18:13

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