Seidat update 3.4.2019


  • The following built-in fonts have been updated to have more font-weights, matching what's available through Google Fonts: Alegreya, Archivo Narrow, Chivo, Fira Sans, Fira Mono, Oswald, Poppins, Raleway, Rambla, Roboto, Vollkorn.
  • Browser auto-complete has been disabled on some inputs, such as search fields and presentation titles
  • Increased the limit for file drag-and-drop directly into the Image Bank, (not the Upload dialog), from 20 to 1000. The images are still uploaded in batches of 20.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented file drag-and-drop into the Image Upload dialog
  • Fixed a bug where the Slide bank search filter did not find smart slides that were part of the presentation

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