Seidat update 4.12.2018

New update is live. Image bank and PowerPoint-import updates are now live. 

  • Image bank
    • Image multi-select
    • Folders within folders
    • Drag and drop images and folders between folders
    • Upload images by dragging them straight into the image bank.
    • Image sorting (alphabetical, by size, resolution...)
    • Image/folder download as Zip
    • Merging multiple images into one (same as with smart slides)
    • Inserting of multiple images at once
    • Image info (inc. the number of slides where an image is used)
    • New slide thumbnails are generated when an image is removed or replaced as a result of a merger
    • Images can be cropped when updated
  • PowerPoint
    •  Ppt's can now be import as elements (w/o editable text yet)
    • Possibility of selecting slides to import from a ppt file (individual + ranges)
    • Imported PowerPoint slides now have titles set according to their title shape content (if any)
  • Misc
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes

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