Best practices for smooth workflow when creating a presentation

There are few steps to make the workflow smoother when you are creating a presentation and few steps you can take after it has been created to minimize the risks.

User access levels

Define who can see the presentation you are working on. Read how to set presentation access levels in the article here.

  • If you want to create your own presentation in peace set the maximum team access to "No access (Hidden)". 
  • If you want to include somebody from your team as an editor, sharer or a viewer during the process of creating they can easily be added.
  • If you don't mind people seeing your presentation even before it is finished, set the max. team access to viewing. Then other team members will not be able to mess things up.

Create the structure of the presentation early

  • First define the core use for the presentation, who is the audience and what sort of situations the presentation will be used.
  • Start sketching the structure in Seidat by creating empty pages and giving them slide titles or bring required slides from other presentations (the structure can be improved at any stage). Read about the presentation structure models in here.
  • Decide if you want to create a presentation that is informative without a presenter. If the presentation is mostly shared try adding text to make the presentation to work without the presenter.
  • Start gathering content from other sources, like old presentations, YouTube, websites, etc.
  • When you have gathered the key content and it is spread to pages somewhat equally start adding graphical elements like pictures and shapes.

Field test and fine tune

  • Use the presentation in the field as early as possible. 
  • Take what you have learned about what works and what doesn't in terms of content, structure and graphical elements.
  • Make adjustments. They appear live as soon as you make them.
  • Make sure that the slides and the presentation is named accordingly. Read why it matters in the data gathering here.

User access levels ...again

Once the presentation is done it is good to think about those presentation access levels again. 

  • Add all the people who need to edit the presentation as editors and all the people who need to share the presentation as sharers and so on.
  • Restrict the presentation max. access level to correspond the need.

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