Best practices for creating presentations

There are three ways to create presentations in Seidat.

  1. Starting from the scratch. Press "New presentation" from the dashboard.
  2. Using the slide bank to bring slides to a new presentation.
  3. Copying an existing presentation and modifying it.

The first option is the most time consuming and shouldn't be the way to go for the most cases. It is much quicker to take an existing presentation or at least some pages from other presentations and modifying those if required.

Using slide bank

  1. Read how to add slides from slide bank from this article.
  2. Add slides that can be used as is or modified like a template.
  3. If the slides brought to the presentation with slide bank are smart slides and you want to modify them to fit this presentation, make sure you detach them (see picture 1.)

Copying a whole presentation

  • Use the presentation as a base to modify the next presetnation to your needs. 
  • Make sure you detach all smart slides that you wish to remain unaffected (see picture 1.)

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