Best practices for admins for smart slides, image bank, brand settings, team management and settings

Smart Slides

  • Use Smart Slides anywhere possible.
  • Name the slides as descriptively as possible.
    • Use the same name for each language version. This helps you to find the corresponding slide with all different language versions. Sort the pages in alphabetical order to find similar pages or use the search field to find specific pages.
    • Add the language identifier to each page name (ENG, FI, PL, CH, etc.). This allows you to find all the pages in that language by typing the language identifier to the search bar.
    • Have the topic in the name (i.e. training, the name of the product, etc.).
    • Clean up the smart slide bank occasionally. There might be multiple slides that are identical or close to being identical. You can easily merge those slides by selecting those and pressing merge at the bottom of the page. Also if a slide is not needed anymore as a smart slide, it can be deleted. It does not remove the slide from the presentations it was used in.
    • You can convert a regular slide to a smart slide from the presentation by pressing the three small dots at the side of the slide in slide map.

Image bank

  • Name the images to make it easier to find them (i.e. Seidat logo, Sales team)
  • Always use folders.
    • Name the folders describing the content
    • To merge folders, change the name of the folder to match the folder you wish to combine them
    • Moving image from one folder to another is currently impossible, so make sure you upload them to the correct folder. If you need to move a picture from one folder to another, you have to delete and re-upload it. This causes that picture to disappear from all slides it was used. We are working to improve the folder system in the near future.

Brand Settings

  • Only grant the brand manager user right to those persons who know about the brand guidelines etc.
  • Name the fonts as explicitly as possible. If only one font family is used it might be easiest to name the font with the colour and size (i.e. Black 80 or Green 26)

Team management and settings 

  • Grant users in your team only the rights they genuinely need. There is infrequently an actual need to have all as admins or brand managers.
  • Have proper training for all new team members, so they fully grasp the possibilities and benefits of using Seidat. Need help with training, contact our sales and we'll help.
  • You can remove and add users as you please. Make sure all users have their seat in the team, and all unnecessary people are removed from the team.
  • Add the Google Analytics -tracking ID as soon as possible in the team settings to start gathering data about the use of the presentations.
  • Also, start using tags as early as possible to make it easier to find the correct presentation when the dashboard is filled with all those different presentations.

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