Presenter mode (in Beta)

Presenter mode allows you to have more wide toolbox in use while presenting locally or using Seidat Live for presenting over the internet. The function is still in beta (usable, but not completely ready and might have some bugs). We will be publishing this function in the live version soon.

You need to enter beta mode of Seidat go to and add ?beta=true to the url (or if you already have a "?" in your url, use "&" instead to add the inquiry.) You will enter the beta mode and stay in beta mode until you refresh the page. All functions work the same way as in the normal live version, but you can now enter the presenter mode by entering play mode and pressing O-letter on your keyboard.


  • Overview allows you to see the slide map and navigate more freely (left half of the screen)
  • Current time
  • Used time, that can be started and reseted from the buttons next to the timer.
  • Current slide. All hotspots (internal and external links) work normally.¬†
  • Notes, you can add notes to each page. Notes are not currently copied, if you copy the page.
  • Text size, you can enlarge or make the note field's text smaller or bigger. This function is still bit buggy.
  • Panel width, will widen the right panel.

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