Seidat update 13.6.2018

Great news! New features are live and go check them out at

  • Rotation of elements (by grabbing the outer corner handles)
  • Element skewing (shear) (through editor-panel and as a result of resize)
  • Reset skew & rotation buttons
  • Skew limited to +- 85deg, rotation limited to 0 - 360deg
  • Clearer snapping markers + magenta snapping line colour
  • Resize + rotate handles tweaked to work better for different screen sizes (+ touch)
  • No rotation in the hotspot-editor, but element hotspots (inc. those converted to area hotspots) can be rotated and skewed.
  • All photos now get rotated according to the camera data.
  • Both `,` and `.` now work in the editor-panel number fields
  • Login page updated according to the new brand.
  • Query parameters (both key and value) are now case-insensitive, e.g. `?NAVBAR=False` works
  • Some other small UI bugfixes

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