Presentation access levels

  • Presentation access levels allow you to determine who from the team can edit, share and view presentations. Presentations can also be hidden from the team.
  • Open the presentation access levels from next to the presentation by pressing the person icon.
  • Team owners can see all presentations, even hidden, by pressing "Show all" from top right from the dashboard.
  • Team owners can add user rights to any presentation.

Maximum team access

  • You can set maximum team access for the entire team. This access level is the same for the whole team regardless of their user rights. 
    • If the max. access level is set to sharing (default), then users with the editor rights can edit the presentation. 
    • If the max. access level is set to sharing, then users from the team can view and share the presentations, but not edit (note the user has to have sharing rights)
    • If the max. access level is set to viewing, then users from the team can view and present it locally, but not share (create Seidat Live or Seidat Link)
    • Owners of the team can edit the presentation access levels freely. 
    • Hidden presentations are hidden from owners too, but they can toggle "Show all" button at the top right corner of the dashboard to see all the presentations and edit the presentation access levels.


  • You can overrule the maximum team access levels by assigning users with individual user rights.
  • If you change the default max. team access to sharing, viewing or no access (hidden), you will be automatically added as an editor as each presentation must have at least one person able to edit the presentations.
  • Add suitable presentation access levels to all the team members. 
  • If you copy a presentation, all the access levels will be copied as well.

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  • If the users' user rights are lower (sharer or viewer) than editor rights, then they are not able to edit the presentation, even though the max. team access would be editing.
  • If a user with sole editing rights to a presentation or multiple presentations is removed from the team, a pop-up will open asking what actions will be made to the presentations (you can make the presentations public or assign them to a certain user, see picture 3.)

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