PPTx or PDF to Seidat as images


  • You can import presentations from PPTx or PDF-file as pictures quickly and easily to Seidat. This keeps all the formatting and content in place but prevents any modifications to the content.
  • This can come handy if you want to have the functionality of Seidat, but use the existing material.


  • Best service currently for converting PDF's to images is Smallpdf. Head over to https://smallpdf.com/ and choose PDF to JPG.
  • Add your PDF to the converter and start converting to entire pages. If you want all pictures separated, choose Extract single images.
  • Once the converting is done, you can download the images and import them to Seidat.
  • Once the pictures have uploaded to Seidat, just add them to empty pages. You can adjust the order of the pages later.

Picture 1.

Picture 2. 


  • In Smallpfd, you can't export PPTx to JPG's directly. 
  • Transfer your PPTx to PDF first in similar way than in the guide above.

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