Can I transfer material from private to team account? (No.)

It is not possible to transfer any presentations from one account to another. This is due technical limitations as each team has their image bank and brand settings, but also it adds security if a team member leaves the company for example and would want to transfer all the presentations to their private team.

  • Presentations have to be transferred manually by downloading and uploading pictures and copying brand settings from one account to another. There is no automatic way to transfer presentations from one account to another. This applies to the private account as well as team accounts.


  • Always create a team before working on your presentations to save time and money with transferring the material afterwards to a team account.
  • You can create and edit presentations in the team and hide them from everyone else with the presentation accesses. This lets you work on your presentation in peace.

However, if you have created a presentation to a private account and now want to bring it to a team account, contact us for a quoted price. The price range for transferring material between accounts is 25-100 € / slide. 

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