Personal account versus team & creating a new team

  • Personal account in Seidat is free and is meant only for private use. You can convert your personal account to a team at any point. This is done by going to the personal team and pressing "Users" or "Team settings" at top bar or pressing "Import PowerPoint" in dashboard. A selection screen (picture 1.) will open open where you can select the plan. Choosing team will convert the account to a team and 30-day free trial will begin. It is also possible to downgrade from a team to a personal account.
  • If you wish to collaborate with your team and have all features available, you can create a team from the beginning. 
  • Note that you cannot transfer presentations directly from one team to another (personal->paid team or paid team->another paid team).

Team collaboration; create, edit, present and share presentations together
Invite people to the team
Team management; manage user rights
Tags for team & presentations
Possibility to limit presentation accesses levels
Custom fonts
Possibility to change the owner(s) of the account and presentation materials
Presentation analytics with Google Analytics available
Create and edit presentationxx
Sharing presentations (create links, add notes, Seidat live presenting)xx
Smart slides, smart slide bank, smart slide mergexx
Image bank with pre-loaded content (images, logos, icons, illustrations)xx
Slide bankxx
Presentation templates
Brand management (set colors and text styles for team or account, no custom fonts in personal account)xx
Printing the presentation or converting the presentation to PDFxx
Online and Offline presentingxx

Picture 1.

How to create a new team?

  • Press the person icon from top right corner of the app and press "My teams" (picture 2.)
  • Press "Create new team" -button (picture 3.)
  • Name your team (picture 4.). This can be changed later.
  • The team will be created and you can start adding your team mates to the team. A free 30-day trial will begin.

Picture 2.

Picture 3.

Picture 4.

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