Hiding Seidat logo, toolbar and navigation menu

Query parameters are a way to hide and disable functions while playing a presentation. You may add the query parameters to the URL as described below. Please note that these query parameters only work in shared presentations. They do not work in the regular Play mode. If you are embedding a presentation to your website, these query parameters are a nice way to remove all distractions from the presentation.

You may hide:

  • Seidat logo from top left corner (if the logo is disabled, but the toolbar is not disabled, the logo will be displayed if the mouse is moved to top left corner).
  • Top toolbar (can typically be hidden by pressing the Seidat logo).
  • The navigation menu (does not show automatically, can be opened by pressing the navigation map from bottom right).

You may add:

  • Autoplay to turn on automatically when the link is opened. Read more about autoplay here.


  • Once you create the Seidat Link, you need to add /0/0 to the end of the URL so the parameters work. Add the parameters after the /0/0. We will be fixing this bug in the near future.
  • If you want to add multiple query parameters, make sure you only add the ? in front of the first query parameter.

These query parameters can come handy if the presentation is used in a place, where the buttons cause distractions or may be exploited (I.E. on public spaces.

Hiding the Seidat logo
Add ?showLogo=0 to the Share Link
Hiding the top toolbar (navbar)
Add ?navbar=0 to the Share Link
Hiding the navigation menu
Add ?navigatorMenu=0 to the Share Link
Set autoplay on by default
Add ?autoplay=1 to the Share Link
Hiding multiple things at once
Separate query parameters by putting & in between two or more query parameters. You only need to add ? in front of the first query parameter.

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