Setting up Google Analytics in Seidat

Why connect Google Analytics to Seidat?

  • You can collect data on how viewers behave on your presentations. 
  • You can see what pages and for how long viewers watched.
  • It is easy to setup and requires no updates to the presentations.
  • Data created by Google Analytics can be refined further with services like Leadfeeder, which analyse and make it more readable. Read more at the end of the article.

The steps to get going

Setting up Google Analytics in Seidat is fast and straightforward. It requires few actions on your end and our end too. If you have Google Analytics running already, it shouldn't take more than few minutes to set it up. If you don't have Google Analytics yet, check the instructions to set up here.

  1. Go to
  2. Press "Admin" (or equivalent in your language) at the bottom left on the screen (see picture 1.).
  3. Open the drop-down list under "Property" and select "Create new property" (see picture 2.).
  4. Name the new property in "Website Name" field. A smart way to name it is Seidat - Your team name, so it is easy to distinguish from other properties (see picture 3.).
  5. Type to "Website URL"-field.
  6. Choose Industry Category (not required)
  7. Set the Reporting Time Zone correctly.
  8. Press "Get Tracking ID"
  9. Now your Tracking ID (UA-01234568-9 etc., see picture 4.) is ready. 
  10. Add the Google Analytics tracking ID to Seidat under Team Settings (see picture 5.)
  11. Google Analytics will start collecting data as soon as it is turned on. 

Continue reading to the end of the article to learn more.

Picture 1.

Picture 2.

Picture 3.

Picture 4.

Picture 5.


  • Google Analytics is capable of tracking an individual's actions on the websites where it is turned on (including Seidat-presentations).
  • Google Analytics will be able to distinguish from what company a presentation is viewed from. The presentation viewing has to happen on a company network. Google Analytics links the data to a company by using IP-addresses. 
  • If the viewing is happening outside the company's network, it cannot be linked to a company (I.E., personal internet connection, mobile subscription or VPN-service).
  • Presentation viewing cannot be linked to an individual, although data is still collected.
  • If you have created a new (individual) Seidat Link for each recipient, you can see in Google Analytics. 
  • Google Analytics will not be able to collect any data if AdBlock or any ad blocker is turned on.
  • Google Analytics is only able to log 2 page (slide) views per second, so if the presentation is scrolled quicker than this the data might be incorrect.


  • Leadfeeder can refine the data collected by Google Analytics. 
  • If the presentation is used for sales, you can see what topics the customer is checking out the most and customise your sales meeting, etc. accordingly.
  • If the presentation is used for training or consulting the gathered data might reveal the toughest nuts to crack or the most exciting parts. 

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