Tags for presentations

Tags are a great way to find the presentations under a particular category and this way can be used as "folders". You can click the tags at the top of the screen on the dashboard, and all the presentations with that tag will show. All other presentations will disappear. You can toggle multiple tags at the same time and narrow the search. 

Seidat presentation tags

Adding tags to the team

  • Tags can be added to the team from Team Settings.
  • People with rights to edit the presentations can edit the tags. Read more about user rights here.
  • One presentation can include multiple tags (I.E. sales, English, product C)
  • Tags can be deleted at any time by pressing the trashcan icon.

Seidat team settings


Adding tags to the presentation

  • After the team tags have been created, you can start adding them to the individual presentations.
  • To add tags, click the gear icon on the left toolbar while in either play or edit mode in the presentation.
  • Under "General settings" you can start adding all the available tags.  
  • To remove the tags from the presentation press the X next to the tag.

Seidat Presentation settings


  • If you copy a presentation, the tags will copy too. Make sure you keep the tags up-to-date after copying presentations.
  • The earlier you start to use tags on your team, the better. 

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