Brand management, colors and fonts

Team members with Brand manager -user rights can change team's color palette and text styles. This keeps the brand more controllable and consistent.


  • Color palette's colors can be used to color shapes in slides.
  • Color palette's colors can be used in fonts.
  • Default slide background color is used in every new slide created after the color is changes. As a default it is light grey.


  • You can create as many text styles to your team as you wish. Text styles can't be edited in the slide editor to keep the brand consistent. 
  • As a default each team has a set of text styles created. These can be deleted or modified freely. 
  • It is advised to name the text styles descriptively. 
  • List of Seidat's default fonts can be found here. If you didn't find the font you were looking for it is possible to add it, contact our sales to learn more.
  • After you have created your fonts, you can select the default font. To make workflow easier, it is recommended that you select one of the most used fonts as the default.
  • If you can't find your brand font in the selection, contact us

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