Exporting a presentation as PDF and printing

Sometimes sharing a presentation with a link might not be exactly what you need. Need a paper copy? Customer only accepts PDFs? You can export any Seidat presentation as a PDF file with just a click of a button. Then print, email, archive or even convert to a PowerPoint presentation.

Slides are exported as pages with the aspect ratio of 16:9. The slide order starts from the top-left corner. Slides in the first column are placed in the beginning followed by slides in the next column and so on.

Embedded content (videos, websites...) and internal links will not work.

If you'd like to export it for offline use and keep all functionality, check the Exporting a presentation for offline use article.

How to export

  1. Navigate to the sharing page of the presentation you'd like to export. You can do so by clicking Share presentation in the presentation preview. Or clicking Share presentation in the side bar if you have the presentation open.
  2. Switch to the Export / PDF tab.
  3. Click DOWNLOAD PDF at the bottom (not DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION).
  4. Wait for the presentation to be converted. Depending on the size of the presentation, this might take a while.
  5. Download will start automatically once it's ready.

View and print

You need a PDF viewer to view and print PDF files. If you don't have one yet, get one for free here: https://get.adobe.com/reader/

Compressing PDF files

If you wish to compress the PDF file after it has been exported, we recommend using smallpdf.com.

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