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General info

  • Sometimes sending a Seidat Link to a receiver might not fit the need you are having and you need to convert the Seidat presentation into PDF. These instances can be:
    • You need to archive the presentation
    • You need to print the presentation
    • The receiver only accepts PDF's
    • You need to convert the Seidat presentation to a PowerPoint. Read how to convert here.
  • The PDF can be printed after it has been converted to a PDF.
  • Converting a presentation into PDF (and printing) removes normal Seidat functions, like navigation, Seidat logo, page map, embedded content (iframes). 
    • The slides will be organised as follows: upper left corner is first followed by every slide below that slide. After the first stack of slides all other stacks will follow starting from the top slide.
    • The PDF will always be in ratio of 16:9.
  • If you wish to present while offline, while keeping all the functions, check Exporting.

Converting to PDF

  • From dashboard click the "Share presentation" -button next to the presentation (picture 1.) or open the share tab from the left toolbar if the presentation is already open (picture 2.)

Picture 1.

Picture 2.

  • Press the "Export / PDF" -button from top (picture 3.).
  • To start to download the Seidat presentation as PDF, click "Download PDF" -button (picture 3.).
  • The presentation will convert to PDF and depending of the size and your internet connection will take some time. 
  • After the PDF is downloaded to your computer you can see it in your browser dialogue (picture 4.) or in the computer's downloads (picture 5.)

Picture 3.

Picture 4.

Picture 5.

Printing the presentation

  • Once the presentation is converted into PDF, you can print it.
  • Open the PDF with any PDF viewer or in the browser and follow the steps to print (change depending on the software used).

Compressing the PDF

  • If you wish to compress the PDF after it has been created there are few tools we can recommend or you can use other ones too.
    • Adobe Acrobat Pro -> File -> Save as Other -> Reduced Size PDF
    • smallpdf.com -> Compress PDF

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