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You can print or convert your presentation into PDF in Seidat. Printing or saving as PDF removes navigation, embedded content (i.e. websites, videos, gif's) and Seidat logo and map from the page. If you wish to present while offline, while keeping all the functions, check Exporting

Important notes

  • Printing and converting your Seidat presentation into PDF is done by using your browser's print/PDF functions. The process might vary slightly depending what browser you use. All the pictures used in this article are taken with Google Chrome. If you are having problems with saving to PDF or printing, contact us by using the chat on our website.
  • There are few steps you can take to improve how the presentation looks when saved as PDF or printed. Read until the end of the article to learn the steps to produce the best results.

Getting started

  • From dashboard click the "Share presentation" -button next to the presentation (picture 1.) or open the share tab from the left toolbar if the presentation is already open (picture 2.)

Picture 1.

Picture 2.

  • Press the "Print" -button from top (picture 3.).
  • Open the presentation as printable (PDF's are created this way too) by pressing the "Open printable presentation" -button (picture 3.).
  • The presentation is opened in a new tab. All slides are now organised vertically in one row.
    • The slides will be organised as follows: upper left corner is first followed by every slide below that slide. After the first stack of slides all other stacks will follow starting from the top slide.

Picture 3.

  • Press the right mouse button over the white margin on the right side of the browser window or use the keyboard shortcut to print (cmd+P on Mac, or ctrl+P on Windows)
  • Choose whether you want to print (choose what printer to use) or save the presentation as PDF by pressing "Change" (or equivalent on your browser) next to "Destination"
  • If you do not wish to print or save the whole presentation choose what pages to print. You can see the page numbers by scrolling down the preview. Remember that all the content from the web (i.e. YouTube videos, websites, etc.) will not work in the PDF.

Steps to make the print or PDF look better

  • After the print overlay has opened follow these steps:
    • Switch the layout to landscape to fill the page better.
    • Open "More settings", or equivalent in your browser.
    • When printing, choose the paper size you are using (usually A4)
    • When saving as PDF choose Legal or US Legal to get the best fit of the presentation and smallest possible margins. You may see the differences in different paper sizes in the preview mode. 
    • Margins on default.
    • Headers and footers off.
    • Allow background graphics. If this is toggled off, the background images will not print.
  • Press "Print" or "Save" from the top of the screen. You can now change the name of your PDF.

Removing the margins and other adjustments you can do to your PDF's

  • Choosing US Legal or Legal as your paper size when saving the presentation as PDF will give you best result possible. The process will leave small margins to the pages, but they can be removed using services like Sejda. Their tool is free of charge and offers a lot of possibilities to fine tune your PDF's.
  • With Sejda you can:
    • Remove the margins from your PDF.
    • Resize, split & merge PDF's
    • Covert PDF's into Microsoft Office formats
    • Edit PDF's and more

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