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Printing or saving the presentation to PDF might be necessary for some situations. Printing or saving to PDF removes all functions (navigation, embedded content, etc.). To keep all Seidat's features, even in offline mode, check Downloading presentations. 

  • Start by clicking the Share icon on the left toolbar to open the share page of the presentation (see picture below)

  • Whether you want to print or save the presentation to PDF, press Print button.
  • Press the "Open printable presentation" button.
  • This will open the presentation in printable form (all slides in a row).
    • Slides will be organised as follows: starting from the upper left corner, stack by stack from left to right and every stack from up to down.

  • After the printable presentation has been opened, you may check how the pages arrange.
  • Press the right mouse button on top of any page and choose "Print", or simply use the keyboard shortcut to print (cmd+P on Mac, or ctrl+P on Windows)
  • After the print overlay has opened follow these steps:
    • Change between printing (you can select which printer is used to print) and PDF by pressing "Change" (or equivalent on your browser)
    • Select all pages to print the whole presentation or type in the pages in numbers. You can see the page numbers by scrolling down the preview. You might want to remove pages that contain mostly embedded content from the web, as it does not work in PDF or print.
    • Switch the layout to landscape to fill the page better.
    • All following us usually under "More settings", or equivelant on your OS
    • When saving the presentation to PDF, it is suggested to use Legal or US Legal as the paper size. Doing so allows you to fill the "paper" the best way. You may see the differences in different page sizes in the preview mode. 
    • When printing on paper, select the paper size you are using to get the best results.
    • Margins may be set to fit the taste. 
    • Headers and footers may be switched off or left toggled on. Leaving the headers and footers on will add the page number, the link to the page, etc. to the page.
    • Allow background graphics. Leaving this toggled off will result in white pages with content on top of that.
  • Press "Print" or "Save" from the top of the screen. You can now change the name of your PDF.


  • Different computers, operating systems and browsers use a different print software as the default. If you are having problems with saving to PDF or printing, contact us by using the chat on our website.
  • You can later optimise the file size or convert your PDF file into a PowerPoint presentation through this tool:

    In case you need to edit your PDF files, we recommend to use Sejda for changes. This tool is free of charge, and it suggests you several options for editing PDF files.

    With Sejda you can:

    • Resize, split & merge PDF's
    • Covert PDF's into Microsoft Office formats
    • Edit PDF's and more

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