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Seidat is generally used in a browser, and to edit, present and share you need a working internet connection. However, you can download the presentation to your computer which allows you to present without a working internet connection.

Few things to keep in mind with downloaded presentations:

  • Downloaded presentations can't be edited after they have been exported. To make changes to the presentations you need to do them in Seidat app and download the presentation again after the changes.
  • The downloaded presentation can be used either with or without working internet connection.
  • If you have embedded videos, websites, etc. to the presentation they will not work without internet connection. If the downloaded presentation is presented with internet connection the embedded content will show normally.
  • The exporting is not available to iOS-devices (iPads, iPhones, etc.) based on the hardware limitations. On Android-devices exporting works normally.

Downloading and using the offline presentations

  • Open the presentation you want to download from the Seidat app.
  • Open the share tab from left toolbar (gear icon).
  • Press "Export" from the top (Picture 1.)
  • Press "Download presentation"
  • After the download is done, you can open the download folder from the bottom of the screen by pressing the small arrow on the download.
  • Once you have opened the folder, extract the .ZIP folder. Make sure that you have actually extracted the .ZIP file, especially on PC's. On Mac's it will automatically extract the file once you double click the .ZIP.
  • Open the extracted folder and press the "play.html" button and the presentation will open in your default browser (See picture 2.). Even though it is working from browser it is still working from local source, aka. offline, but will still use the browser to play the presentation.

Picture 1.

Picture 2.

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