To enter play mode

  • Click the Play button to start presenting from the dashboard, slide editor or slide map in editing mode (see pictures below).

To start presenting from the dashboard, simply move your mouse over the slide thumbnail, and the play button will appear. 

To start presenting from slide map in editing mode, press play from the left toolbar or any of the slides in the presentation. Once your mouse is over any slide thumbnail, a play icon will appear. The presentation will start with the page selected.

To start presenting from slide editor, press play from left toolbar. The presentation will begin with the slide you were editing.


 Exiting play mode

To exit the play mode press the Seidat logo from the top left corner to show the top and left toolbars. 

Press the Seidat logo from top left corner to toggle top menu to exit

Once the top menu is toggled on you can exit the play mode in few ways.

  • Pen icon lets you edit the slide shown
  • Matrix icon gets you to the slide map
  • Gear icon will allow you to edit presentation settings
  • Share icon will get you to share page, where you can create and delete links, export to the computer and pdf
  • The house icon on top gets you to the dashboard
  • You can also log out by pressing the door icon from the left.

Navigation Center

You can see the slide map on the bottom right corner of the presentation. The slide map allows you and the viewers to see where in the presentation you are going. By clicking the map, you get the other presentation tools to show (see picture 1.)

  • If you only have one slide on the presentation the slide map looks like a black cube.

  • If you have multiple slides in the presentation the slide map looks like this. The black dot represents where you are located in the presentation.

Clicking the slide map in play mode, you get the presentation tools visible. 

The tools from top to bottom are:

  • Enter fullscreen mode
    • You can also press F on the keyboard to enter fullscreen mode.
    • To exit fullscreen toggle from the presentation tools, press F or ESC on the keyboard.
    • Fullscreen mode currently does not work in Internet Explorer.
  • Enter presentation overview (see picture 2.)
    • You can navigate easily from the overview.
    • If you are presenting with Seidat Live, you can be in the overview, but the customer see's the slide you are showing (blue outline on the active slide)
    • You can enter overview also by pressing O on your keyboard.
  • Toggle navigator arrows
    • You can activate the navigator arrows while presenting with touchscreen device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.).
    • This allows you to press the arrows to change the slide.
    • Press in the middle of the arrows to show the navigation center menu again.
  • Toggle autoplay
    • You can activate autoplay to change the slides automatically after a set time (in seconds).
    • This is handy in trade fairs for example.
    • The time each slide is shown can be set in presentation settings.
    • You can pause and continue playing from bottom left from the autoplay timer.
    • Autoplay can also be paused by pressing spacebar on the keyboard.
    • You can hide the autoplay timer by hiding the map (see next tool).
  • Show only on hover
    • Hides the map from play mode, can be seen by hovering the mouse on the bottom right corner.
    • Hiding the map will also hide the autoplay timer if autoplay is in use.

Picture 1. Play mode.

Picture 2. Presentation overview on play mode

Picture 3. Autoplay

Pause autoplay: 

Play autoplay: 

Seidat Live presenting 

With Seidat Live Share you can share your presentation to anyone and anywhere in the world in real time without the need for screen share.

To present Seidat presentation with Seidat Live 

  1. Go to Share in the left panel. 
  2. Then choose Seidat Live
  3. Click "CREATE NEW SEIDAT LIVE" link 
  4. Share the live-link by email or other message 
  5. Click "START LIVE"
  6. Your audience only sees the slides you decide to show them in any order you want to show them and nothing else
  7. You can open slide map anytime without your audience noticing

Picture steps 1-6.

Live Share presenting. (The top bar only shows when clicking the horns on the left.) 

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