Hotspots (Internal and external links)

You get to manage your presentation Hotspots from the left navigation bar. (You can no longer edit the links as element links in slide editor as they now work as a separate "layer" on your presentation.) You can see every hotspot you have on your slide by one glance. In presentation mode, the feature remains exactly the way it was, and your old links have been changed into Hotspots. 

You can see every hotspot you have on your slide by one glance as they appear orange. 

To create Hotspots, click "Selection tool" to make element areas links. If you want to freely choose the link area, choose "Area hotspot tool". Then choose between "Go to slide" (for internal links) or "External link" for external links going out of your presentation. 

Internal links

  • Internal links are a great way to make the navigation in the presentation smoother. It is an easy way to skip pages that are not relevant for that meeting etc. 
  • If there are a lot of content and topics it is smart to create "menu's" where you can directly click the topic of interest open and skip everything else.
  • Start by selecting all the elements or areas you want to link ("Selection tool" or "Area Hotspot tool")

For internal hotspot links, choose your target slide from the slide map provided. 

  • Linking into internal pages or external webpages helps to navigate and guide the presenter and viewer.
  • Links can be added to any element in Seidat (picture, text box, shape, etc.).
  • To remove existing Hotspot, first select it by clicking and then click the trash can or press backspace

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