Smart Slides

Smart Slides help you keep multiple presentations with partly same content up-to-date with less manual work.

  • Smart Slides are a great way to make editing easier in the long run.
  • Two or more slides can be linked, meaning that if you edit the slide, all the others linked slides will change too.
  • They are especially useful in situations where some slides out of the presentation are always the same.
  • If you delete one smart slide of a presentation, the other linked slides will remain. 
  • Smart Slides can be linked within the presentation, or they can be linked between separate presentations. 
  • The placement of the Smart Slide in a presentation does not affect the other copies of the Smart Slide
  • Smart Slides can be distinguished from other regular slides by the icon on the top right corner of the slide (chain icon).

In the user interface, you can find a Smart slide tab in the top navigation. This is where all your smart slides live.

Under the tab, you can arrange your Smart slides by date created, in an alphabetical order or just search by name. On this page, you can create, delete and merge Smart Slides. You're able to see how many presentations the slide is being used in. 

How to create Smart Slides?

Go to "Smart slides" and click "+ New smart slide". Name the slide and go to editing by clicking the pen-icon. It is important to name your smart slides to make it easier to find them when searching for a specific slide. 

How to make the normal slides Smart Slides

  • To create a Smart Slide. Start by clicking the "Slide options" of the slide you want to make a Smart Slide of
  • Then click "Make smart slide"

Add Smart Slides to your presentation from Slide Bank

Hoover your mouse over an empty slide place. Then click the Slide Bank icon on the left bottom corner of the area. The Slide bank opens. You can find the Smart Slides in a separate folder as well as from the presentations where they are used in. 

TIP: Create "master presentations" that are compelety made of Smart Slides to make collections to the Slide Bank to make it easier to find your slides in an order that makes the most sense.

Who in my team can use Smart Slides in their presentations? 

Anyone can view the Smart Slides and have them as part of their presentations. 

Who in my team can edit Smart Slides? 

Anyone in your team who has the right "Smart slide editor" or "Brand Manager" defined in the user rights tab. If you only have "Editor" rights you can only choose already made Smart Slides from the Slide bank. Users without the right to edit Smart Slides can't create them either or remove from the Smart Slide library. 

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