Creating, editing and moving slides

Create a slide

  • To create a slide, enter the presentation editor from the dashboard by pressing the matrix icon (see picture 1. left bar)
  • You can create a slide anywhere where a slide does not already exist. Move your mouse to an empty spot and a plus icon will appear. Press and an empty page is created.
  • If you wish to bring slides from other presentations, check the article here.

Editing slides

You can start editing the slides by clicking Edit from menu or slidemap

In menu, the edit button (pen icon) is here:

Picture 1. 

In slidemap move the cursor over one slide and click the edit button (pen icon):

Picture 2.

Slide editor

Clicking "Edit slide" will take you to Slide editor: 

Picture 3.

Slide editor tool bar

Tools from the top (tool bar on the left hand side, picture 4.) 

Picture 4.


In properties you can change the settings for the slide editor. 

  • Open properties clicking this in the right top corner of the slide editor:


Moving slides 

When you want to change the slide order:

  • Go to slidemap view (1.)

  • Grab the slide you want to move and drag it to the new place (2.)

  • Move slide (3.)





Want to change the stack order?

  • Go to slidemap view (1)

  • Grab the whole stack with the arrow above the first slide (see picture below) and drag the stack into the new place. (2)

  • Note! If you wish to move the whole stack e.g. at the end of another stack, you must do it slide by slide.

1. Slide map view

2. Grab blue (hovered) arrows

3. Result

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