First steps


  • Go to
  • Type your Email and Password and Log in if you already have an account
  • Or click Sign up for Seidat if you are a new user.



  • The dashboard will open after signing in.
  • All of your presentations show here.
  • You can create new presentations by pressing New presentations -button.
  • Toggle tags you have created by pressing them at the top of the dashboard.



  • Top menu toggle (Seidat logo): Hides/unhides the top menu.
  • Dashboard (House-icon): Sends you to the dashboard.
  • Name of the team currently active. Top menu will display the name of the presentation while in play mode.
  • Teams: Dropdown of all your teams. You can choose between the personal account (if you have one, if you don't you can create one by creating a team) / other teams.
  • Account & support (Person): Opens a menu, where you can access my account, my teams, tours & directions, support or logout.


  • Presentations: View, edit and manage presentations. Brings you back to the dashboard.
  • Smart slides: Collection of all of the team's smart slides. You can create, edit, merge or delete smart slides here. Only users with smart slide editor or brand manager rights can edit smart slides.
  • Images: Upload, organise and delete uploaded images. All members of the team can see the pictures in the image bank. Only users with editor rights or higher can download or delete pictures.
  • Brand: Create text styles and color palette for consistency throughout your presentations. Only users with brand manager rights can edit smart slides.
  • Users: Add or delete users to your team and edit permissions. Only with users with admin or owner rights can manage users. All team members can see the list of users.
  • Team Settings: Edit teams name, tags and billing information. You can also add Google Analytics tracking ID from here to gather data of your team's presentation use.
  • Team Info: (Coming soon)


  • Press the New Presentation button and name your presentation.



  • Play: View the presentation
  • Rename (Text field): Rename the presentation. Double click the text field to edit the name later.

  • Slidemap: View presentation slidemap. Press to edit presentation.
  • Share: Go to share tab to create link to share, export, print or convert to PDF
  • Delete: Delete presentation. Seidat will ask if you are sure you want to delete the presentation.
    Warning: Deleting presentations is permanent. 
  • Duplicate: Make a copy of the presentation
  • Presentation access: Edit who can edit, share and view the presentation from the team.


  • From the Dashboard, press the Slidemap (matrix) button to start editing the presentation



  • Play: Enter the presentation mode. Presenting will start from the first page.
  • Edit: Enter editing mode. Will open the last page presented or edited. To edit a certain slide, press edit button (pen-icon) from the slide you want to edit.
  • Hotspots: Edit internal and external links. Opens the hotspot editor for the last slide edited.
  • Slidemap: View and organise the slides. You can edit certain slides by choosing that slide.
  • Presentation settings: Change the name of the presentation, delete the presentation, edit tags.
  • Share: Create a Seidat Link or Seidat Live Link to the presentation. Print or export an offline presentation.

  • Pen icon: Edit the slide
  • Trash can: Delete the slide
  • Move icon: Move the slide
  • Slide options
    • Edit Hotspots: Create and edit internal and external links
    • Make smart slide: Make slide that synchronizes all changes to other copies of the slide (handy when multiple presentations with partly same content)
    • Copy slide: Make a duplicate
  • Play icon: View the presentation (starting with the selected slide)
  • Untitled (Text field): Name the slide. Double click to activate.


Organizing slides in Seidat is easy.

  • To add new slides: press the plus icons
  • To move slides: press and drag the move icon on top of each slide
  • To move entire slide stacks: press and drag the move icon on top of each slide stack



  • Using a keyboard, use the arrow keys to navigate presentations up – down – left – right
  • Using a touch device swipe to navigate presentations up – down – left – right



  • The Navigation Center gives you extra options for viewing presentations
  • While in play mode, click the small icon located at the bottom right corner or the presentation to open the Navigation Center
  • If you only have one slide in your presentation, the icon looks like a small black cube. As you add slides, they will become visible, creating a small Slidemap reference         

Navigation Center options from top to bottom:

Toggle full screen: View your presentation in full screen mode

Toggle overview: Go to the presentation overview

Toggle navigator arrows: Change the navigation slidemap to navigation arrows and vice versa

Show only on hover: Hides the Navigation Center. Move your curser to the bottom right corner to make it appear



  • Press F to enter full screen mode
  • Press F/ESC to exit full screen mode



  • Click edit to make changes to the slides



  • Text: Add text
  • Image: Add images
  • Shape: Add shapes
  • Website: Add iFrames
  • Video: Add videos (Youtube, Vimeo)


  • Color: Change background color
  • Image: Add/change background image


  • Brand editor: Choose default colors, background color, fonts, font sizes and font styles.

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