Update v0.7.0. (25.3.2018)

Here you can let us know if you have encountered any bugs with the latest update.

  • After the update v0.7.0. we have encountered bugs on the Seidat platform. We will fix the problem as fast as possible and post the development here. If you have found any issues with Seidat, please let us know here or by using the chat on

    We apologise for any inconvenience.

  • We have now found out the reason for missing slides and will start bringing them back in the next few hours. 

  • The last analyse is that problem is in presentations, which has Smart Slides. Smart Slides are working, but normal slides aren't available. It seems, that we have those normal slides in our system, but some fixing is needed to get them back so that presentations are working correctly. The best estimation is at the moment that it will take about one hour.

  • Text editor problem is already fixed, waiting to deploy it to production

  • Problem with missing slides fully identified and fixing script is running.

  • All known problems fixed

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